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What People Are Saying

A fantastic real estate agent

We would like to take this time to recommend Mr. Delis as a fantastic real estate agent, particularly in the Peninsula.  We were first time home buyers and when we started the process, we knew nothing about buying a home.  We had no idea where to begin or what steps we needed to take. Nick took the time to walk us through the process from beginning to end before we even started looking at houses. Once Nick found out that schools were a huge requirement for us, he created a presentation on all the schools in the peninsula, which helped us to narrow down the cities in scope for our search. We know that many first time homebuyers are not fully up to speed on the process, but we really had no idea what we were doing. Additionally, we had very stringent requirements for the layout, location, and type of home we were looking for. Nick spent a significant amount of time to understand our requirements, showing us a variety of homes that met our requirements, and bringing up important aspects and criteria that we had not even thought about.  We like that Nick is eco-certified and helped us think about all the green and health aspects of buying a home, which we had never heard about before.

Nick was extremely patient with us as we worked through our requirements.  He was flexible with his schedule in order to work around our toddler's schedule.  In addition, we had our daughter with us for almost every appointment - whether touring a home or filling out paperwork, and he was always sensitive to that fact, often showing us a home twice so one of us could wait in the car with our daughter.  We also appreciated the fact that Nick gave us honest opinions when asked and wasn't afraid to tell us the truth even when it made his life more difficult. Nick not only looks out for your current needs, but tries to think of what you need in the future both short-term and long-term.  He approaches the buying process as not only a life choice, but also as a significant investment.

Nick also had a number of resources that he recommended that we were pleased with.  He recommended several mortgage brokers and we chose one that we really liked.  He was responsive and he and Nick partnered very well together. He also helped organize our termite fumigation and initial house cleaning prior to move in. This not only made the overall process run more smoothly, but helped us keep track of all the moving pieces in the home purchase process.

In the end, Nick sat down with us to write 3 offers. At no time did we ever feel pressured and he made sure we understood every one of the multitude of papers we signed. After working with Nick we felt confident in our decisions and well educated on the buying process. Nick showed consummate patience, skill, knowledge, and helpfulness. We are fortunate to have worked with him and will use Nick for all future real estate endeavors.


Stacey and Keith Rabkin

Stacey and Keith Rabkin

Nick is resourceful, hard working, patient, honest, and acts in your interests

I will start by saying Nick is resourceful, hard working, patient, honest, and acts in your interests. He will work to earn your trust.

My wife and I have known Nick for years. He took the time to understand our needs, but never pushed. While we discussed our needs off and on, he always left it with “I’ll keep my eye out for you. When you are ready, please call.”

Once we decided to engage, Nick worked amazingly fast and was incredibly efficient with our time. The actual time from first tour to close on an accepted offer was less than 60 days. We began looking in January 2010. We toured a few homes, but only made one offer. That offer was accepted in late February. We moved in less than a month later.

I can’t imagine how we could have achieved a better result. We love the neighborhood and the home. The sellers (who lived on the block) recently hosted a “meet the new neighbors” event at their home. During the party, the sellers commented on how impressed they were with our agent and how they were pleased with the outcome. It’s safe to say that making both parties happy is the mark of a great transaction.

While I expect any competent broker to know what to look for in reviewing a disclosure packet and how to make an offer – I believe a broker’s effectiveness in these duties will distinguish the excellent from the rest. 

On these measures, Nick’s leadership was exceptional. He provided the necessary information to help us become more comfortable in unfamiliar areas and skillfully navigated us through the myriad of required paperwork.

When making the offer, Nick and did an outstanding job in reading the seller’s situation and helping us make the “right” offer.  In our case, the terms of the offer were just as important as price. In addition to presenting the offer, I truly believe the way Nick presented us (who “we were” as the buyer) made a significant difference to the seller.

I can’t see how anyone could go wrong by choosing to work with Nick. He deserves your trust and you’ll do well to follow his guidance. 


John Sheputis 


John Sheputis |
CEO, Fortune Data Centers

Nick’s expertise, timely communications, focus and professionalism in guiding us...

We simply can’t thank Nick enough for all his help in buying our new home and selling our old home. We highly recommend him for all your real estate needs. He’s honestly the best realtor in the business to work with – he’ll get the job done quickly and always better than you expected. 

The whole process was certainly a big event in our lives and we can’t imagine how it would be possible without him. Nick helped us find and buy our new perfect home very quickly, then simultaneously prepared and sold our old home in 17 days with multiple offers! 

Nick’s expertise, timely communications, focus and professionalism in guiding us through all the miles of complicated real estate and financial details was far better than anything we expected and experienced with others in the past. But, it’s also his friendship, patience, understanding and support combined with his strong network of reliable and highly qualified resources that really sets him far apart from everyone else. It’s no surprise that each of these resources we worked together with, from landscaping, electricians and general contractors to financial advisors, loan and escrow processors, everyone loves working with Nick – which it makes it so much easier getting everything done right when you really need it. He’s genuine, and will make you friends and customers for life. 

Thanks again, Nick! 

Chris & Shirley McDaniel


Chris & Shirley McDaniel

With a difficult house and a difficult real estate market, he was able to sell on the first day! And at full price!

To Whom It May Concern regarding Mr. Nicholas Delis,

I would like to take this time to recommend Mr. Delis as possibly the best residential property agent in the Hillsborough area, and possibly best in the county. Earlier this year he helped us sell our home on Lakeview Dr. in Hillsborough in only one day! Of course this was following six months of intensive preparation work supervised by Mr. Delis.

My wife and I moved to Las Vegas in Dec. 2005 and immediately began to try and sell our Lakeview Dr. home. This is a unique home situated on hillside acreage and with canyon views. The house has an unusual design and we were told it would not appeal to normal family home buyers. The first agent we hired to sell the house was from a prestigious real estate firm with lots of experience in the Hillsborough area. However, there was very little interest shown by the buyers he brought, and we were told that the real estate market was depressed and we would need to lower our asking price. So we decided to try a new agent.

We selected an agent who is the major producing real estate agent in the area. Right from the start he told us that because our house had an unusual open design, and because there is no yard for children to play due to natural landscaping, this house would appeal to only a small minority of potential buyers.

After several months on the market with no offers, our agent told asked us to lower the selling price to what was a price about 30% below market as compared to the then prevailing home selling prices normalized to sq. ft., and to number of rooms, location etc. We decided to find a new agent.

Fortunately we had met Mr. Delis socially in the past and he had indicated an interest in representing us. So we contacted him, and arranged a meeting. In this initial meeting Mr. Delis enthusiastically laid out a written selling plan for us to review. The plan was complete with detailed price analysis, a plan for remodeling, and a marketing plan. Mr. Delis stated that by following his plan we would be able to get the full value for our home. We discussed at length some of the details of the plan, and on every issue Mr. Delis professionalism and extensive background research prevailed, and we adopted his plan in full.

However, the recommended remodeling, while not expensive, was to be a time consuming task. Several different contractors would be needed for aspects of the plan. This included additional painting (two-tone), changing of fixtures, updating hand rails, decks, new carpeting, front door, and dozens of other small items. The problem is that we lived in Las Vegas, and could not be present for the months that would be required for all of this. However, Mr. Delis volunteered his time to oversee the remodeling projects, and served as a kind of local general contractor during this process. Finally, the remodeling was completed and we hardly recognized our home that now looked brand new.

Mr. Delis arranged a very clever decorator to provide staged furnishings to showcase the home. He then arranged a private open house for real estate agents. All this before the house was formally listed. The house was enthusiastically received by the group of agents that were invited. Several expressed interest in purchase and that same afternoon we received a full price offer for one of the agents. The deal was immediately accepted and successfully closed. We were of course ecstatic.

My wife and I can’t recommend Mr. Delis highly enough. With a difficult house and a difficult real estate market, he was able to sell on the first day! And at full price! This alone means a lot. However, in all of our interactions with Mr. Delis he was a pleasure to work with, and we consider him a great friend.

Douglas P. Boyd, PhD
CEO, TeleSecurity Sciences



Douglas P. Boyd, PhD |
CEO, TeleSecurity Sciences

Marketing Savvy and Tenacious Approach

After nearly a year of trying to sell our San Francisco condominium through another agency, we recognized that we did not feel our then current agents were putting in all necessary efforts to market and sell our unit.  We canceled our languishing listing and began interviewing other potential agents.  We met Nick Delis for the first time on May 1, 2009, and agreed to list our property with him and Coldwell Banker shortly thereafter.  Despite this having been the worst market for residential real estate sales since The Great Depression, we closed on our condo on June 3, 2009, at our full asking price.  This was barely one month later!

Needless to say, we attribute this turnaround to the great advice, marketing savvy, tenacious approach and overall effort that Nick Delis introduced in leading our sale.  We received a full price bid the very same day as the first (and only) open house Nick held—two days after the condo was re-listed.  Nick helped create a buyer’s sense of urgency in attracting over 60 parties to attend that open house, which certainly led to the immediate bid we received.  The property, under our former listing agents, had never previously attracted more than a handful of prospective buyers in any open house.

With this experience in hand, it was a very simple task in selecting a broker to represent us in purchasing our new home.  Nick, through his thorough research as well as complete understanding our requirements and desires, directed us to the home we now love.  Nick guided us through the process of making the right bid for us, on our terms, and aggressively negotiated with the seller’s agent on our behalf.  Our bid was of course successful, and we moved in July 10, 2009.

It must be emphasized that despite the most heavily skewed real estate market in modern times, it was a mere 10 weeks between meeting Nick, and having sold our condo and moved our new home!  While that means we don’t have lengthy experience working with Nick, we certainly had two great experiences in two quick transactions—and results are of course what matters.

We firmly, whole-heartedly, and without reservation recommend Nick Delis as both a seller’s and a buyer’s agent.  Our only regret is not having worked with him from the start.


Kurt and Wilma Swanson

Kurt and Wilma Swanson

Personable and the ultimate professional

I’d like to share our family’s experience searching for our first home with Nick Delis. My husband and I started thinking about purchasing our first home about a year before we actually were ready to buy. There were some condos near the rental we were living in and being the real estate bubble had popped, we decided to take a look at a condo out of curiosity. I searched the internet and found Nick to be the agent listed for the 2 bedroom condo. Although my experience with agents had been limited, I had already experienced a few agents who were out to make a sale, period.  The second they realized we weren’t ready to buy in the next year, their interest waned and they were not as willing to invest their time. So on this Sunday morning as we set out to see the condo, I expected a pushy sales guy who was going to arrive late and then pursue to over sale this condo to our family. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Nick was at the entrance waiting for us as we walked up with our 2 kids. He remembered our names and all the details I had shared with him over the phone. We went in and he gave us time to look at the condo. We were listing the things we liked and disliked. All along we knew this condo was way too small for our family, but I didn’t want to seem like we had wasted Nick’s time. To my surprise, Nick was actually the one to verbalize this first. He was honest in sharing his opinion and stated that this condo was probably not a good fit for us. I kept waiting for him to say “But I have the perfect property for you” but that never happened. When I mentioned we were likely not to buy until a year from then, I expected to see a change in his face or demeanor and that he would rush us out of the complex, but that didn’t happen either. He leisurely walked us out asking about our children and telling us a little about him. He gave us his card, shook our hands and asked that we call him if he could help us with anything now or in the future.
I knew from that point that this would be our agent when we were ready to buy so I made sure to keep his card in a safe place and a year later I called him. I reminded him that he showed us a condo about a year prior and to my surprise he remembered us. Over the next several months as we looked at homes in several different areas, Nick continued to be personable and the ultimate professional I had remembered from the first time we met him. He really listened to our needs. I truly trusted him in guiding us through one of the most important decisions we would make as a family. We have been enjoying our first home for a year and a half now and we continue to hear from Nick through emails and mailings. When we are once again ready to find a new home, we will be contacting Nick and we would recommend him to any of our friends and family in the market to buy. 
Annette and Bill 

Annette and Bill

Nick has integrity and truly cares about his clients

I highly recommend Nicholas Delis for your real estate needs. After having my property on the market for over a year and a half during one of the worst times for the real estate market in 2008, I turned to Nick to help me sell my property. Since I no longer resided in the state, I needed an agent that I could trust and rely on. Nick handled all the details for listing and showing my property to potential buyers on his own. Even though all our communication was done via phone and email, it was truly a comfort knowing I could rely on such a competent agent. 

Not only is Nick a competent agent, he has integrity and truly cares about his clients. He gave me the realities of the market and situation and never tried to bully me into any decisions. Rather he did the research, explained the details, and partnered with me to determine the best plan for selling my property.    After a couple months of low-ball offers Nick and I discussed the options and decided to pursue a short sale. 

The whole short sale process was difficult to navigate with its many layers of banking rules, legal considerations, and tax implications. In addition it was made more complex because I had 2 mortgages from different bank divisions, each with their own agendas and requirements that had to be coordinated.  

Nick was an amazing partner who helped me to understand what I had to do to get the best short sale agreement with the bank. He was proactive with his research and advice.   I really appreciated his constant communication with me about what was going on and with the bank to make sure they were moving the process forward. He was very thorough and persistent, taking care of every detail during the discussions and negotiations with the bank. 

In the end after about 5 months of soliciting offers, bank negotiations, paperwork, and approvals we successfully closed the short sale and sold the property.   I was extremely lucky to have Nick as my agent throughout this process. I’ve known other families who have also gone through short sales with much less help and many more challenges. Without Nick I’m sure this process would have even been more difficult. So whatever my real estate needs, I’d feel confident hiring Nick as an agent and know that he will do everything he can to get me the best real estate deal. 

I definitely recommend Nicholas Delis to anyone looking for a real estate agent.


Cheryl Pascual

Cheryl Pascual

Nick is a valuable asset in your organization and we deeply appreciate his service.

Nick has made our property selling experience educational and less stressful than what it was. He managed our expectations and diligently explained the process that we embarked in.

To list some of Nick's traits:

1.     Fabulous

2.     Honest

3.     Listens

4.     Hard-working

5.     Communicative

6.     Patient

7.     Realistic

8.     Detail Oriented

9.     Wealth of information

10.   Resourceful

Would we recommend Nick to friends and family? Absolutely!

Will we hire Nick for our next real estate transaction? Definitely! 

Paul Wong

Paul Wong

He truly strives to be your concierge and ensure your worries are few

I highly recommend Nicholas Delis for your current and future Real Estate needs. In 2007, he managed the sale of my cherished San Mateo Park home with integrity and first rate representation.  

Working with Nick was fun and easy; he truly strives to be your concierge and ensure your worries are few.  In our planning, he did his homework and presented his findings with integrity and market savvy. As a result, I knew he paid close attention to detail and fully understood my objectives. I was confident he was the right choice to represent the property. During the preparation, he used a network of contacts (general contractors, landscape and home staging) to “polish” my home for the listing and shows. We took an offer in the first week of showing and closed the deal within 21 days. In the end, he used his professional skills to broker the best deal possible and reliably executed the close beyond my expectations. 

I look forward to the next opportunity to work with him.


Gary Fox


Gary Fox